Recognizing the strength that already resides within you! Since 2011, Khaylen has supported numerous birthing persons and their partners as they realize their own unique birthing experience. The goal is to provide non-judgemental, personally tailored support and information that makes you feel safe and supported. Specific experience with home births, hospital births and VBAC.

Khaylen is not currently taking birth clients in NY and CT. She will begin to take birth clients in the Denver Metro area starting in 2020.

Birth Support


Lactation Counseling

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), Khaylen has been trained to provide knowledge and counseling regarding optimal and sub-optimal breastfeeding. Khaylen will work with you and your nursling to solve problems, provide appropriate referrals and recommendations. She can also assist with the transition back to work and pumping.

Our goal at Nourish CT/NY is to support the values and goals of the breastfeeding person using a counseling approach.

Postpartum Support

The period following the birth of your baby accurately dubbed, "the fourth trimester", can be filled with excitement, exhaustion and lots of questions. At Nourish CT/NY, we strive to provide you the support needed to rest, heal and thrive as you emerge and define your new family. From newborn care, wholesome meal prep, providing time for self-care to tackling challenges around leaving your home for the first time with your infant, Khaylen will provide evidence-based information and support.

Additional Services

In addition to the focus areas outlined above, Khaylen is able to provide information on baby wearing, cloth diapering, mother's blessing planning, Dance for Birth, pregnancy consulting, childbirth education, transition back to work and sibling care.